– Rinku Gupta

Dhanush's twin characters in Kodi are as different as it gets - Kaali Venkat

The multi -faceted actor KAALI VENKAT is on a roll this year. The actor has gained considerable ground in the short time that he’s been around with Irudhi Suttru bringing him acclaim even in the Hindi version Saala Khadoos. Now having lost around 8 kilos of weight he is also sporting a new and younger look these days. A chat with him revealed the reason behind his new look and the line up of films he has on hand.

“Actually my weight loss happened due to a heavy work load and health reasons,” he begins. “My doctor advised that its better to lose some weight for health reasons so I lost about 8 kgs in 3 months with a strict diet and exercise. In fact, I used to cycle to work and played shuttle cock in my free time. Now I plan to continue with my changed life style.” He now sports a short, cropped hairstyle and we quiz him about that. “This happened for my next film Rakshasan. It was the director Ram’s (of Mundasupatti fame) idea. We did a look test with this hair cut and it looked good. It’s a serious role which he knew I could pull off. My last serious role was in Pizza 2. So I’m trying my hand at a departure from comedy again. The shoot began in July.”

The ‘Kodi’ experience

Dhanush's twin characters in Kodi are as different as it gets - Kaali Venkat

It seems to be a great year for the talented actor. Kaali will also be seen in Sibiraj’s next film directed by Manikandan along with Ennakku Vaaittha Adimeigal with Jai, directed by newbie Mahendran. In another untitled film with newcomers ,he plays a marketing executive. That’s not all. He is also part of the Dhanush-starrer Kodi, playing the hero’s friend. “I’m doing a clean shaven look for the first time. Dhanush has a dual role and I appear with both characters . So its’ a substantial role,” he grins. He’s all praise for the star, “Dhanush tries to give multiple reactions for the same dialogue and minutely analyses what he does on the monitor. His preparation and variation is astounding. Each of the 2 characters he has done had no resemblance to the other. If one does few films with him we can learn a lot!”

Kaali was last seen as one of the leads in Raja Mandhiri and we hope this talented actor gets to do more such fascinating roles.