– Rinku Gupta

Sanchita Shetty transforms into a village belle

The Soodhu Kavvum girl, SANCHITA SHETTY is on a roll. With three Tamil films in her kitty, she is gearing up for the release Engitta Modhathe next, in which she plays an 80s village girl for the first time.

In a chat with her, she discloses, “It’s a very different Sanchita you will see in Engitta Modhathe. In fact, the look will be of the 80’s, and I have worn very ethnic costumes for the first time as I’m playing a complete village girl of the 80s, with a big bindi, nose ring and half sari.”

Sanchita Shetty transforms into a village belle

Picking up the Tirunelveli slang for the film was one of the preparations for her, for this film directed by Ramu Chellappa. She also took time off to observe and interact with the local girls to get their body language right. “I went to the location two days in advance to meet the local women and get into character. I observed how they wear their clothes, how they handle their dupattas, how they talk and their mannerisms, etc,” she discloses. Not only that, she also learnt tailoring for this role. “The costume anna, Reddy, taught me how to run a sewing machine, since I play a tailor in the movie. In my free time, I would keep practicing on the sewing machine to get it right in the shot,” she grins.

To get the retro look of the film and to get the Tirunelveli slang and body language right was a challenge which she apparently enjoyed, “The director wanted me to be spontaneous once I was on the sets. So I did all the homework in advance so that I could just be the character once the camera was rolling. I play a bold yet lovable character and it was good fun.”

Sanchita Shetty transforms into a village belle

Sanchita has finished shooting for Rum with Hrishikesh and Ennodu Vilaiyadu with Bharath and Kadhir.

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