Remo Movie Review

Siva Karthikeyan is super adorable as Remo the nurse, we wish we could say the same about the movie. So, a guy meets a girl and yes, the breeze makes sure he falls for her, he follows her, he finds that she is engaged, the hero almost gives up and until wait, he decides to make the girl understand his ‘true’ love by impersonating a nurse.

If you are not already reminded of half a dozen Tamil films already, wait till you meet the villain. The evil-oozing, the no-chance-I-will-end-up-with-the-girl caricature. Oh, please, we deserve better than this.

We understand that sometimes it is not about a path-breaking story, so we pin our hopes on a fresh treatment to the screenplay and boy, are we let down. Siva is an entertainer and there are moments we see him shine especially as the super cute nurse. But those moments are far and few. When we see so many people put in their hard work for such a film, we can only feel sorry for them.

The songs don’t leave an impression, the fights are too many to take and the humour is the only element that works. Siva, Sathish, Rajendran and Yogi Babu make sure that we don’t completely regret buying that movie ticket. The heroine too delivers her bit. But unfortunately, this story is too stale that even these brilliant performers cannot save it. This is one of those films you could watch later in TV, not the one you would expect a 5 am show for.

P.S: Stalking is not love, Kollywood. Please grow up!