Streaming and downloading newly released movies from the internet instead of watching them in theaters is causing massive loss to film producers. The anti piracy wave has kicked in to protect films from illegal downloads. Friend MTS has partnered with Venkat Prabhu for the safe release of Chennai 28 second innings.

Venkat Prabhu Partners With Friend MTS For Chennai 28 II Innings

Friend MTS previously partnered with Bollywood film Pink. They recently conducted a anti piracy seminar in My Fortune Hotel’, Chennai.The informative and the innovative digital seminar has attended by Director Venkat Prabhu, Vice- President of Tamil Film Producers Council P.L.Thenappan, Paul Hastings – Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing – ‘Friend MTS’, Rahul Nehra – India Partner – ‘Friend MTS’ and the creative team of ‘Friend MTS’.