CHENNAI 600028 II – The Boys are indeed BACK !

Chennai 28 II Innings Movie Review


Spoilers Ahead

The film starts with a tribute to the spirit of Chennai and the people who rose above all odds to help each other during December deluge in 2015. The first part released around a decade ago and this part tells us the story of the Chennai Sharks team and how the lives of their core members have evolved. The story is set in 2016, and is in sync with all the changes over the years, but the main reason for the movie to click is the nostalgia it creates with those smart references to the first part.

The boys have become men now and few members from the team have been split and moved to different cities for work. Raghu (Jai), Karthik (Shiva), Seenu (Premji), Pazhani (Nithin Sathya) & Gopi (Vijay Vasanth) still meet over sometimes and yearn to relive their moments like good old days. Raghu’s marriage is fixed with Anu with whom he is in love and the entire gang travels to Theni for his marriage. There, they meet their old member Aravind (Arvind Akash) under a challenging situation, and the sharks team reunites to face Maruthupandi (Vaibhav), a local thug who is also the captain of Jeyipenda team and is known for winning the matches by all means. The rest of the story is blend of comedy, betrayal, friendship, love within the boys and how cricket helps them to overcome all odds.

Venkat Prabhu has made the screenplay racy with a simple story and the way he has infused some of the best moments from first part, notably ‘the gopi’s bat’,  ‘bowling ha fielding ha’, ‘enna koduma sir’ BGM which are a scream. The continuity and the changes the boys go through are believable and their day-to-day life with their respective wives is handled in a way which most of the married boys would relate to. With so many changes to the team, the main driving point of the film is the CRICKET matches, and they have been superbly shot with ample comical moments. The mild suspense during the cricket match is maintained throughout and is a treat to watch.

Shiva steals the show with his witty one liners and his online movie critic act is a riot. Jai as a lover boy and as the person in midst of many confusion in his marriage ,plays to the gallery. Vaibhav as Maruthupandi makes it believable as a village side thug with his body language and looks and is a treat to watch. Nithin Sathya scores in the pre climax and likewise all the others including Premji, Aravind, Ajay utilize their moments.

The biggest strength of the movie is Yuvan’s BGM and Praveen KL’s editing. The first part blaze through, and though the second part starts slow, it picks the momentum in 20 minutes. Yuvan’s songs are good thought not comparable with the first part, but the BGM elevates the movie to a different level.

Overall, Venkat Prabhu hits it out of the park and wins this match hands down. The movie retains the same feeling that the first part gave us albeit not exactly, as the first part has grown on the audience over the years and is a considered a cult now.