Rockers Raghu deflected to Sharks in the original and has become an integral part of the movie. He was the one who helped Karthik and Selvi find love. In the sequel Raghu has grown older and is married. All the boys in Chennai 28 are family men in the sequel except Premgi.

Chennai 28 Raghu Now A Family Man

Actor Jai who plays Raghu is a professional car racer but still fondly remembers his younger days of playing cricket in Alphonsa Ground. He says even after 10 years since the original the team has been close and remained friends. when he learnt about the sequel he was ecstatic and looking forward to the reunion

Chennai 28 was a landmark movie in the careers of many who starred in the movie. Chennai 28 is hitting screens this Friday. The film is directed b Venkat Prabhu and the music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja