Kaththi Sandai Movie ReviewDinesh Ravichandiran

We all know what to expect from Suraaj’s movie and he has succeeded in churning a masala fare with some great comic situations in his earlier movies. In Kaththi Sandai, he comes up with a beaten-to-death revenge story of a mysterious man Arjun who is after the Villains (Jagapathi Babu and Tarun Arora) and he has a reason too which is unveiled through the flashback.

In order to get close to Jagapathi Babu, he traps his sister (Tamannaah) in the pretext of love. To make Tamannaah fall in love he befriends Soori. The first half of the movie is full of Soori’s gimmicks which is loud, embarrassing, cheap, and anything but comical. The lead pair often refer to one another’s skin tone and to top it all, there is a test to find out if the girl is a ‘fresh-piece’ (this term is used in the movie and yes it’s yucky) makes the audience to cringe in their seats. And as (un)expected, the heroine falls for the hero and a twist pops out just in time of interval.

If the first half is noisy, illogical, boring – the second half takes the movie into that impossible-to-sit through zone. The screenplay goes awry and songs popping out from nowhere, and beyond a point we just wait for the movie to end. The much publicised and promoted re-entry of Vadivelu happens in the second half, and he plays Dr Boothri a psychiatrist. Adding to woes, even he couldn’t save the second half and his comical acts falls flat.

Vishal is good and rocks in action episodes as usual, but with a weak story and almost nil screenplay, he couldn’t do anything more than the usual stuff. Soori is loud and Vadivelu is wasted. Tamannaah looks ultra glam and nothing much to do more than that. Songs and BGM are again loud and doesn’t help much. Overall, this is another futile attempt from the director in giving us a movie loaded with comedy, instead ends up as a watch-it-if-you-are-too-bored category.