– Rinku Gupta

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For Nandini Karky, a passion for cinema took a different turn when she turned more than just a viewer. The founder of Subemy, a one of its kind school for learning the art is sub-titling, Nandini aims  to not only take  Tamil cimema beyond local boundaries but also empower others to help make it happen.

 ” The month long course in sub-titling that I teach is to share the knowledge that I have gained from Bartho Kriek’s Subtitling Worldwide course myself. I’ve worked on several  Tamil films and now I felt that it was important  to use the latent potential in a multi-linguistic country like ours. Hence the idea of a formal course took shape,” says Nandini.

Unravelling The Art Of Sub-Titling

Armed with an MA in Education from IGNOU , Nandini had more  than 2 years of experience in the field having worked on several Tamil films like I, Pisasu, Yennai Arindhaal, Radiopetti and more. For those who think that sub-titling is just about knowing 2 languages, and translating from one to the other,  Nandini’s course is an eye opener. “Its not just about translating but also about timing. A line cannot appear before the character has spoken or else the suspense will be lost. One has to know how to use the right software and embed the lines at the right places in the right length of words so as to not hamper  the reading speed of the viewer. This is a vital part that is specially taught at Subemy.”

 Nandini’s future plans include subtitling from English to Tamil and later into several languages, apart from   courses for the differently abled as well.