– Rinku Gupta

Everyone knows about the sheer versatility of Dhanush as an actor, producer, singer and lyricist. Now with his Power Paandi, he’s also donned the director’s hat. The shooting of the film starring Raj kiran and Prasanna is underway. The latest actor to join the unit in a cameo, is noted television anchor Divyadarshini or DD as she is popularly known. In a chat, DD tells us about the surprise call from Dhanush which brought her back to acting after a decade.

Why Television darling DD was chosen

Dhanush Is s Multi-Tasking Director - DD

DD’s only stint with acting was in one film Whistle, which she did as a teenager. After that, Television has always been her calling card. But she got a pleasant surprise when good friend Dhanush called her up one day and offered her a role in his Power Pandi. Says DD, “Dhanush called me and said he’s directing a movie and there is one very important scene which he would like me to do in the film. I wasn’t sure I could really act. But knowing Dhanush I also had trust in his judgement. Even though it was just one scene, I knew it would be something worthy. He knows perfectly, the value of people and how to portray them on screen. The point he added was something which really convinced me that I was right. He said, ‘the role is of a person who is loved by everyone and you are such a person in real life too, so you are the best choice for it. ’ For many weeks I didn’t hear from him but last week I suddenly got a call for the shoot. I was totally jittery about how I would pull it off, but Dhanush put me completely at ease.

Dhanush is at complete ease

Dhanush Is s Multi-Tasking Director - DD


DD has nothing but praise for Dhanush in his avatar as director, “He understands an actor’s position completely having been in their shoes. So he makes sure his actors are comfortable and in the know of every scene. In fact, he handholds us through the scene, explaining every detail like he would to an LKG student. He spoon feeds us so that we know exactly what is to be done and why it has to be that way. The way he handled the shoot, I was able to give my shot quite easily. He too was surprised at how soon we completed the shots, but it was all thanks to his ease at handling things. In fact, he is a total multi-tasker and extremely observant. He will be talking in a jolly mood with his actors but his attention will equally be on the work going on around him. Suddenly mid -sentence he will give out an instruction to someone.

So will Power Pandi mark DD’s foray into acting? “Well if good directors think I will do justice to a role and are gracious enough to cast me then I’m open to acting in films,” she concludes.