In her upcoming release Bogan, pretty actor HANSIKA is looking forward to audience reactions to her role. Preferring to keep it hush hush, she reveals to us however, how she enjoyed being pushed out of her comfort zone.

Why Prabhu Deva Was Impressed With Hansika

I can’t reveal much about my role. I prefer you discover it in the theatre. All I can say is that I play Priya Mahalakshmi who is the driving force behind the hero,” says Hansika. Looking at the intriguing posters we ask about her co-stars. Is she paired with Jayam Ravi or Arvind Swami? She laughs, “I am paired with Jayam Ravi but then Arvind comes into the picture and lot of confusion happens! So you will have to unravel only on screen, that mystery behind the 3 characters on the posters!

Hansika is happy to be pairing with 2 hearththrobs like Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swami. “Any girl would be happy to work in such company ! It was difficult to shoot with two charming and good looking men like them around! When Arvind sir talks everyone stops to just admire his looks and listen! Ravi is like family to me. Whenever we come together, we create magic on screen! I learnt a lot from a senior actor like Arvind sir. Though we all joked around in sets, he’s very focused when it comes to work and gives lot of space to co-stars. He never talks irrelevant stuff and everything about him is very sensible.

Why Prabhu Deva Was Impressed With Hansika

Bogan is special for Hansika for several reasons,” It’s my 1st film with producer Prabhu Deva, 3rd film with Ravi , 2nd with director Lakshman and fourth with the cameraman. I miss the crew and fun we used to have.
But there’s another reason as well , “While I had fun on sets, the movie also made me do something I had never done before. There was one scene where I had to act drunk. I have never tasted alcohol in my life. So I was very scared on how I was going to act drunk since I have never experienced it!

That’s why I had to really work hard on that scene. It took 10 days to shoot. I asked everyone on sets from the Ravi to the director, junior artists and lightmen for inputs and their reactions on whether I looked drunk enough! The best compliment came from producer Prabhu Deva who rang me up several days later. He complimented me and said ‘ Hansika Kalaakkareenga ! You got that drunken scene perfectly! I couldn’t believe it was you!’ So I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I’m glad it worked out well.