– Rinku Gupta

Director AR Murugadoss untitled Tamil-Telugu flick with southern hearthrob Mahesh Babu is proceeding at a rapid pace. The unit shot for a daring stunt sequence for several days in Ahmedabad. Actor Bharath who plays Mahesh Babu’s nemesis along with SJ Suryah, tells us all about his experience canning the scenes.

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Bharath who is a hero, reveals how he came on board the project, deciding to play a baddie for Murugadoss. “Director Murugadoss called me one day and asked me to come to Ahmedabad. He explained the script fully to me. It initially looked like only SJ Suryah was the villain. But there was a change in the script and they needed a villain who had a hero image. That’s when he thought of me. I loved the role and a chance to work with Murgadoss sir. It’s a very meaty part. After a negative role in Chellamey in 2003, this is my second negative role!” says Bharath.

The actor shot for several days in Ahmedabad for a daring action sequence. “The film is an action thriller. We shot mostly at night for 7 days, on top of a 30 feet high broken bridge there. The local crowds were immense. The make up I do for this role takes a long time. We would assemble at 11.30 pm and shoot would start at 1.30 am and go on till 5 am in the cold weather. I had to stand on top of the bridge and then after a long dialogue with Mahesh Babu, I had to fall backward into the water 30 feet below. Of course, a hip rope was tied to me but it was scary since I was suspended upside down from such a height from a huge crane! My heart was in my mouth! Mahesh Babu was very concerned and told me to be careful,” discloses Bharath.

Why Mahesh Babu's Nemesis Fell Off a Broken Bridge

Talking about Mahesh he says, “He is a very reserved person but we gelled really well from the first day. He is a very patient person. I was new to the set up and would take time with my Telugu and Tamil lines. But he would assure me to take all the time needed. It was amazing to see how much respect the entire unit showed to each other.

Bharath will be shooting for a total of 28 days for the film along with SJ Suryah and Mahesh Babu.