Dhanush directorail Pa Pandi is releasing tomorrow. Few members of the media caught an early preview and twitter abuzz with positive reviews of the movie. All are praise for Raj Kiran’s acting and Revathi’s lasting presence in the movie. Prasanna who is cast as Raj Kiran’s son has also found fans for his performance.

Look like Dhanush has a winner in his hands. His sentimental tale is said to be filled with emotions ranging from elation,love, hope and sadness. Sean Roldan’s music especially the back ground score is said to be the backbone of the story. Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian have played extended cameos in the film.

With good word of mouth even before release the film is set to make a good opening. This despite requests from Vishal and Rajinikanth to stay off posting reviews of a movie for the initial 3 days.