Fans who were blown away by the grandeur of Baahubali’s sets and the royal kingdom of the fictional Mahishmathi can get a taste of the real deal now. A behind the scene tour of Mahishmathi is being offered by Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. Huge sets erected at the cost of 60 crores for both parts of the epic saga are open to tourists now. The sets are spread across a region of 100 acres in the 2000 acre Ramoji Film City complex.

The general tour will cost 1,250 Rs and a premium tour is available for 2,349 Rs. Details about special packages for corporates and educational institutions are available on Ramoji Film City’s website.

S S Rajamouli had a grand vision for Baahubali and he was ably supported by National award winning art director Sabu Cyril. While the team used a lot pf CGI and VFX the art team made many of the buildings and sets from scratch . They had made close to 1500 sketches to bring Mahishmathi to life.

Ramoji Film City is a popular tourist destination in Hyderabad. One can see film sets, props and other scenarios commonly seen in our movies there.