Actress Sri Reddy who shocked the country on Saturday with her semi-naked protest in front of the Movie Artistes Association office, with allegations against the supposedly rampant casting couch menace in the Telugu Film industry.

The VJ presenter turned actress has had very little success and has acted in three films, all in a small capacity namely ‘Aravind 2’, ‘Zindagi’, ‘Nenu Naana Abaddam’. She claimed that producer Suresh Babu’s son had sexually exploited her. In an interview, she said, “This is Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram and I haven’t revealed his name anywhere so far. Abhiram! Don’t you feel ashamed? … Everyone asked for proof, so here is the proof. See this photo, which clearly shows him kissing my face. Now start a rally. Let all Dalit and women associations come forward, fight and give me justice. Because of men like this, many lives are being ruined.” 

Before revealing the identity of her abuser, she claimed that “He used to take me to the studio and he used to f**k me. He is the son of a top producer who is ruling the Telugu film industry. He used to force sex (on me). He would ask me to come to the studio and I said I will go only to talk, not for any sexual act. But after going there, he used to force (me to have) sex.”

The ‘aspiring’ actress has been banned by the MAA members, who called a press meet on Sunday in Hyderabad where actor Meka Srikanth said, “She has appeared on several TV channels and commented a lot on Twitter and Facebook. Her act has come as a rude shock to many younger-generation stars in the film industry and created a fear among them.”

The former VJ is on a roll and has today released screenshots of private chats supposedly with some other big names in the South Film Industry. These explicit chats have bigwigs in the scandal including Indian Idol fame singer Sreeram, YouTube sensation Viva Harsha and others. Now, Sri Reddy has turned towards popular writer Kona Venkat and made fresh allegations against him. She apparently also leaked a screenshot of her alleged Whatsapp conversation with Kona Venkat, on social media.

Kona Venkat has responded back on twitter, “I’m shocked with some allegations made by one actress against some film personalities including me.. I demand the government to conduct through police investigation in these allegations and punish whoever are guilty.. Truth must prevail. legal action follows!!”