We have the confirmation folks! The Lady Superstar’s ‘Aramm’ will be back, more powerful and hard-hitting.

‘Aramm’ was socio-political drama centred on a powerless district collector- Madhivadhani, played by Nayanthara, when a poor girl falls down an open borewell. Aramm had an open ending with regards to Madhivadhani’s entry into politics.

The Actress-Director-Producer combo will be back with ‘Arram’‘s sequel – ‘Aramm 2’ with shooting to begin in September.

The film’s director Gopi Nainar hinted that ‘Aramm 2’ is likely to talk about caste and religion-based discrimination and wants to spread Ambedkar’s ideologies in the film, saying “There’s no connection between India and democracy, though we call it a democratic nation. A democracy has to respect an individual’s rights and feelings. But our country has killed our people in the name of caste, religion and gender. Ambedkar dreamt of a very different country and Aramm 2 will be about this dream.”