After the Culmination of the 48 day strike on Tuesday, The Tamil Film Producers Council(TFPC) President, Actor Vishal and Treasurer S.R. Prabhu on Wednesday gave the Film Employees Federation Of South India(FEFSI) President RK Selvamani a Cheque worth Rs. 10 Lakhs to help the laborers that were affected due to the over a month long strike.

The FEFSI President, RK President had given his full support to the TFPC strike, leaving many production assistants and laborers without a job or a means of sustenance until now. The Money is to help these ‘daily’ laborers and production assistants. The TFPC strike was on a number of issues including the payment of Virtual Print Fee,which was purportedly too expensive and computerisation of ticketing, flexible ticket pricing, reduction in online booking charges. While the Virtual Print Fee has been brought down to Rs. 250 from the previous Rs. 290 on a trial basis for the next 6 months, the other demands have been met.